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Bank Targets Internet Cyber-Crime

Barclays bank is launching a ?10 million national digital safety drive to help combat internet cyber-crime.

The drive will include an advertising campaign to raise awareness of personal digital security for consumers using the internet for financial services.

New credit card features and an online quiz will also be included by the bank to help target the growing problem of online cyber-crime.

The campaign follows research conducted by Barclays that revealed only 17 per cent of consumers surveyed were able to identify even the most basic cyber-crime attacks, including basic phishing campaigns carried out by cyber criminals on social media.

Despite younger people generally being regarded as being more in tune with technology, the survey found that millennials were twice as likely to fall victim to online fraud, with over 65s scoring 27 per cent higher on the Barclays Digital Safety Index than those in the 18-24 age bracket.

Chief executive of Barclays UK, Ashok Vaswaniu, commented: ‘Fraud is often wrongly described as an invisible crime, but the effects are no less damaging to people?s lives. As a society our confidence in using digital technology to shop, pay our bills and connect with others has grown faster than our knowledge of how to do so safely.’

He continued: ‘This has created a ?digital safety gap? which is being exploited by criminals. I believe the need to fight fraud has now become a national resilience issue, and we all need to boost our digital safety levels in order to close the gap.’

The awareness campaign is the first of its kind to combat cyber-crime.

Barclays Head of Digital Safety, Laura Flack, said: ‘It?s alarming that younger people and those in cities are more at risk. We need to super-charge our digital know-how and talk to our friends and relatives to prevent these crimes from happening. Often staying safe isn?t rocket science.’

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