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Beware Domino’s Scam on Facebook

An investigation has been launched by police over claims that various Facebook groups are offering cut-price deals for Domino’s pizzas using stolen credit card details.

Many Facebook groups have been offering Domino’s pizza deliveries for around a third of the normal price. ?10 for a ?35 order, up to ?30 for an ?80+ order.

The groups have claimed to be able to use discount vouchers and special offers in order to get the cheap deals, and customers are asked to transfer money via PayPal for the offer and then receive the pizza delivery.

However, one member of a pizza ordering Facebook group called ‘Any order at Domino’s Pizza’ and run by somebody called Oden was then contacted by a man with her full name and address details claiming that she had used his account and credit card details to order.

Carly McCready warned other members of the group, saying: ‘Everyone be careful I?ve just had a call from a mobile number and the guy stated my full name, number and address and he is not happy.

‘He said I?ve used his account and wants his money back!!! Oden is clearly using people?s credit card details.’

Another man used ordered through the Facebook group Cheap Domino’s Hub UK. Though he received his pizza order the first two times, on the third time of ordering he received no delivery after payment and the leader of the group stopped responding.

Facebook has since removed the known pages, but it is always possible that new ones will spring up.

PayPal commented: ‘We go to great lengths to protect our customers, but we should all take some precautions to avoid online scams. If a stranger is offering you a deal that looks too good to be true, then it probably is.’

Domino’s are also naturally concerned about the scam. A spokesperson from the chain said: ‘We have alerted the Police about this issue and have offered our full support to assist their investigation.’

The Metropolitan Police and Action Fraud are currently looking into the allegations of fraudulent activity.

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