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‘Can You Hear Me’ Phone Credit Scam

A new phone credit scam already happening in the USA is expected to soon begin targeting consumers in the UK.

The scam works as follows:

The consumer receives a phone call from a local number and the voice will introduce themselves and the company they purport to represent.

They will then ask: ‘Can you hear me?’

Your answer will be recorded, and presuming you say ‘yes’ your response can then be edited to make it appear that you have made a large purchase with voice recognition.

This would then be presented as a verbal contract that you have agreed to and the scammers will try to charge you for products or services you?ve never used.

If you then naturally argue that you have not ordered, they will play back the recording of you saying ‘yes’ and threaten legal action unless you pay the bill.

The same type of credit scam is also being used to allow the criminals to obtain voice recordings to authorise stolen credit cards.

Many companies are now legitimately using voice recognition and voice signatures to do business over the phone, but this has been seized upon by criminals for the scams which are already prevalent in America.

CPR Call Blocker in America have been tracking the rise of this particular credit scam, and feel that it will soon be happening in the UK also.

Kris Hicks from CPR Call Blocker commented: ‘In our experience of working across the US and UK, scams spread quickly across the pond. We have no doubt that fraudsters operating in the UK will soon start using these tactics.’

Consumers are advised to end the call immediately if they are asked ‘Can you hear me?’.

If you fear that you have been caught out by scammers using these tactics, you should contact your bank or card provider as soon as possible.

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