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Consumers Want Instant Cards at Bank Branches

Recent research has shown that consumers would like instant replacement of credit and debit cards at bank branches. As well as better synchronisation between online and in-branch services.

The research commissioned by Matica Techonolgies and carried out by independent market research company, MindMetre surveyed consumers in the UK, France, Germany and Spain.

The point of the survey was to gauge consumer interest in continued bank branch service in the new digital age.

Two thirds (67 per cent) of those questioned expressed that they still wanted to continue to access branch services, but they expected all services to link together.

The most important thing to the consumers surveyed was that co-ordination between online and in-branch queries be improved and there to be better support for in-branch advisors.

Another service that the consumers deemed important was the ability to renew or replace debit and credit cards in the bank branch, preferably instantaneously.

CEO of Matica Technologies AG, Sandro Camilleri, commented: ‘As European banks continue their journey through transformation programs, understanding the outcomes of our research identifies the routes to satisfying customers? needs. Similarly, I think partners, associates and systems integrators will find the conclusions a valuable base of knowledge.’

She continued: ‘Our respondents say that the preferred services influence their ultimate choice of bank, so there are clearly winners and losers in this equation. It suggests that those retail banks taking heed of these findings will not only remain firm favourites and lead the market but will save substantial money, too.

‘It?s also fascinating to learn that, contrary to popular opinion the future of banks is not digital pureplays for most of us, but does involve a gear change in the omnichannel delivery of banking services.’

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