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Monarch Administration – Your Consumer Rights

Monarch, the UK’s fifth biggest airline has now gone into administration with all future booking cancelled.

Around 110,000 passengers have been stranded abroad, with an estimated further 300,000 bookings cancelled.

So, if you are affected, what are your rights?

All customers stranded abroad will be given alternative flights home – the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has already chartered more than 30 flights.

Package Holiday

Those who booked package holidays will be Atol-protected, so if you haven’t yet travelled you should be able to get a refund.

The CAA are contacting all hotels so that tourists can stay in their accommodation for the duration of their holiday. However, if you are asked to make a further payment to stay in your hotel, then pay this, keep receipts, and make a claim to the CAA when you return to the UK.

Flights Only

For those who have only booked flights with Monarch after 15 December 2016 then Atol-protection will not apply. Customers in this position are being advised to contact their insurer or card provider for advice.

It should be possible to claim your money back through section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act if you have used a credit card to pay over 100 but under ?30,000 for your flights.

If you paid by debit card then you may be covered under Chargeback – this means your card company would chase the collapsed firm for the cash. The rules can vary, but normally you would have at least 120 days to make a claim to your bank.

Package Holiday Booked Through Another Agent

If you have booked a Monarch package holiday through another travel agent, you should contact them immediately.

Thomas Cook, for example, have said: ‘We will do everything we can to make sure customers can still go on holiday, rather than them cancelling and claiming their money back.’

Those travelling on a Thomas Cook holiday that includes flying with Monarch will be notified ‘as soon as possible’ with alternative flights so they continue with their holiday plans.

Civil Aviation Authority Guidelines

The CAA has advised the following if you are a Monarch customer:

Customers in the UK yet to travel: don’t go to the airport

Customers abroad: everyone due to fly in the next fortnight will be brought back to the UK at no cost to them. There is no need to cut short your stay

Customers currently overseas should check for confirmation of their new flight details – which will be available a minimum of 48 hours in advance of their original departure time

All affected customers should keep checking for more information

The CAA also has a 24-hour helpline: 0300 303 2800 from the UK and Ireland and +44 1753 330330 from overseas

You should expect to be flown as close as possible to your planned departure dates, no earlier, and prepare for disruption to journeys.

There will be no online check-in. You will be issued with a new flight and new boarding card and will not be able to check in with your old flight details.

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