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Santander Crowned UK’s Favourite Lender

Santander has secured top spot in a survey to find the UK’s favourite credit lender.

The Spanish bank was the most likely lender for UK consumers to go to when requiring a loan or credit card, according to the most recent consumer research conducted by global customer experience expert, Webhelp.

The survey of 500 consumers found that 18 per cent of those asked favoured Santander for credit cards or loans, winning the bank top spot in the list.

Halifax/Bank of Scotland took second place with 16 per cent of the vote, while the podium places were completed by RBS/Natwest.

Joint fourth with 10 per cent each were HSBC and Tesco Bank.

It seems that it was down to the men that Santander won the poll however, with 20 per cent of men opting for the Spanish bank as opposed to 15 per cent of women. In fact, Santander only managed third choice for women, behind Halifax/Bank of Scotland and RBS/Natwest, who tied for first place with 16 per cent of the female vote.

CEO of Webhelp UK, SA and India, David Turner, said: ‘The people in our survey stated that trust and an excellent customer experience were crucially important to them in their choice of lender. These results indicate that perhaps UK banks are still struggling to regain the trust lost during the financial crisis – especially with men.

‘While the reputation of a brand takes time to recover when trust has been lost, putting in place market leading customer experience solutions can help to bring customers back or keep them loyal.

‘It is crucial for companies to take a close look at their customer experience solutions and ask themselves if they are really delivering what their customers want.’

The Top 10 credit lenders, as identified by the Webhelp survey, are as follows:

1)????????? Santander – 18 per cent

2)????????? HBoS – 16 per cent

3)????????? RBS/Natwest – 14 per cent

4)????????? HSBC – 10 per cent

5)????????? Tesco – 10 per cent

6)????????? Sainsbury?s – 7 per cent

7)????????? M&S – 5 per cent

8)????????? Virgin – 4 per cent

9)????????? Nationwide – 3 per cent

10)????????? Lloyds – 2 per cent

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