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Stolen Credit Card Details for Just ?11

According to credit reporting agency Equifax, stolen credit card details can be purchased on the dark web for as little as ?11 on average.

Recent data released by the credit agency showed that Bitcoin or other anonymous altcoins are commonly used to purchase stolen card details, with America being the cheapest area at only $15 (?11). In the UK and EU stolen card information costs much more at an average of ?28.

Login details for hacked email and social media accounts are also available on the dark web at the higher average cost of around ?90 per account. Corporate email accounts fetch a premium at an average ?350.

The relatively low cost of payment card details reflects the ease of sourcing the information. Large-scale data breaches from hacking are normally responsible rather than individual theft, therefore collecting millions of customer details in one swoop.

Equifax commented: ‘There is a huge variety of stolen data available for sale on the dark web, including both financial information and login details.’

Tesco Bank recently had their security breached in the UK, resulting in around 9,000 customers having their accounts ransacked by cyber criminals to the tune of around ?2.5 million in total.

Banks and financial institutions in particular, plus all other businesses with internet presence, now fight a constant battle against the increasingly sophisticated threat of cyber-crime.

If you’d like to understand more on the dark web Click Here.

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