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Top Tips to Stop Your Cheap Holiday Costing You Dear

As summer draws near many consumers are thinking of booking a bargain holiday, but cheap holidays can cost you dear if you are not careful.

Here are five top tips to ensure you don’t lose out financially when booking that deal to your dream destination.

1 – Pay by Credit Card if Booking Direct

If booking direct with the holiday company then pay by credit card. Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act gives added protection from your credit card company for goods and services that don?t turn up or are misrepresented.

Bear in mind that if you book through a ‘middle-man’ company Section 75 does not cover the transaction.

2 – Travel Insurance

Make sure that you have good travel insurance in place from the time you book, to ensure that you are covered if you cannot travel for any reason.

The policy which is offered with the flight or holiday package is likely to be more expensive than others you can find.

Check that the excess rates are reasonable – you may have to claim.

3 – Currency

If you need foreign currency check online for the best rates and use a ?click and collect service from your local station or pick up point?. Currency is not always available at better rates abroad.

4 – Don’t Buy Your Toiletries at the Airport

The limits on liquids at airport security are still in place, limiting you to 100ml bottles in a one-litre clear bag that must fasten.

Buying the smaller versions at the airport will work out much pricier than usual. The most cost-effective way is to buy 100ml empty bottles in a pack and fill them with your favourite toiletries before you set off.

5 – Keep details to Hand

Ensure that you save or print off all your confirmations and email from the booking and keep them to hand.

If keeping e-tickets on a phone or tablet, make sure that it is fully charged so that you can show them when necessary.

Follow these tips and you can avoid costly mistakes that could help ruin your summer holiday. But don’t blame us if it rains every day!

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