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UK Top in Europe for Contactless Payment

Further to our report this week on the new car key contactless payment method, it seems that the UK is taking contactless payment to new heights of popularity.

According to the latest Visa digital payments study, the UK now leads the way in Europe when it comes to contactless payment, with more use than any other European country.

A new record was set in June 2017, with 34 per cent of all UK card payments using contactless technology.

18-35-year-olds were the highest users, with over three quarters (76 per cent) using contactless payment for a transaction. This represents an increase of 11 per cent from two years ago.

London has 16 per cent of all bank owned contactless payment terminals, and the Transport for London network encouraging contactless payment helped to boost usage.

Subsequently, the capital saw more contactless payments than any other area, with 78 per cent of Londoners having used a contactless debit or credit card to make a payment. Wales and the East Midlands followed close behind, with 70 per cent and 68 per cent of users respectively.

Mobile phone payments are also on the rise in the UK, with 26 per cent having used their mobile phone to make a payment. This figure rose to 36 per cent among contactless card users, showing that once the technology is used it becomes a favoured way of paying.

Kevin Jenkins, managing director for Visa UK & Ireland, commented: ‘The introduction of contactless cards in the UK ten years ago was a watershed moment for consumers. Whether buying lunch, commuting without having to top-up, queuing at bars and festivals, or donating to charity, Brits have come to expect a painless payment experience.’

He continued: ‘Yet there?s still room for the uptake of contactless to grow, particularly outside London and the South East. Our study shows the appetite for adopting new payment methods is greater than ever and with mobile devices opening up myriad new ways to pay, the next ten years looks set to see contactless payments become an ever-greater part of our day to day lives.

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