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Wonga Reports Customer Data Security Breach

Controversial payday loan provider Wonga has become the latest company to suffer a security breach involving customer details.

The British loan company have said that personal details of customers in the UK and Poland may have been stolen in a cyber-attack.

According to a source the data stolen could include the addresses and bank account numbers of up to 270,000 past and present customers in total, with the vast majority of around 245,000 being UK based customers.

The cyber-attack was first detected on Tuesday of last week, but it was not until Friday that the company realised that customers’ personal details had been compromised. Wonga began notifying customers of the breach on Saturday.

The loan company issued a statement concerning the data breach on Sunday, saying: ‘Wonga is urgently investigating illegal and unauthorized access to the personal data of some of its customers in the UK and Poland.

‘We are working closely with authorities and we are in the process of informing affected customers. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Wonga joins a list of well-known companies that have become victims of cyber-crime, with Tesco Bank, Sports Direct and Three Mobile all suffering security breaches concerning customer data in 2016.

Even FTSE-100 accountancy firm Sage had their security breached last year, with around 280 UK corporate customers and therefore a huge amount of individuals’ details being put at risk.

Wonga are no strangers to controversy, having agreed to pay compensation of ?2.6 million to over 45,000 customers in 2014, following the clampdown on the payday lending industry.

Following the new rules introduced to combat the payday loan sector, the company has now begun to offer short-term instalment loans online, without the additional fees and extra interest from rollovers that were so criticised in the past.

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